Why it was time to provide a reusable coffee cup

The problem with takeaway cups going to landfill

Did you know that over 295 million single-use coffee cups are dumped into New Zealand landfills per year?

Most conventional paper cups are coated with a thin plastic lining to prevent the paper from absorbing your coffee. Because it’s really hard to separate the two materials for recycling, these cups go straight to landfill after use. An alternative are cups with a corn starch lining – also known as biodegradable cups. Technically these cups are compostable, but unfortunately we lack the right facilities in New Zealand and so they too go to landfills.

If we all switched to reusable takeaway coffee cups we could not only save an unbelievable amount of resources to manufacture disposable cups, but also prevent an unnecessary amount of waste ending up in our landfills – or worse, in our lakes and oceans.

But let’s be honest, those bulky reusable cups don’t really go well with the convenience of takeaway coffee. Not only are they expensive and messy, but we’re probably all guilty of forgetting it at home during a coffee run every now and then.

We all love our coffee - right?

But we also love our environment too, which is why it is time to make a change for the better (all while enjoying your triple-shot-skim-mocha-choc-latte in style).

Meet the solution…

The OneCup reusable takeaway cup

OneCup is cup cycling. It’s an environmentally-friendly loyalty programme focused on reducing landfill waste, operated by a simple deposit system. Pay a $2 deposit with your coffee purchase and you’ve already reduced waste.

After you’ve enjoyed your drink you have two choices: return the cup and redeem your deposit or hand it in and get a fresh coffee in a fresh new OneCup! The best news – no big spend on your own reusable cup and no washing for you!

Cup Facts & Features

Free of BPA and other harmful substances

Reusable and tested up to 1000 times

Made from fully recyclable material

Taste and smell free

Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning

Barista-proof and modern design

Lightweight and shatter-proof

Stackable and space-saving

The team behind the NZ Cup Cycle

The team at ninetyblack have taken this on as a passion project because it speaks to the very reason we started our business in 1997 – an absolute passion for Great Lake Taupō.

Since our beginning, ninetyblack has promoted Taupō and the Central Plateau and Bay of Plenty region to its visitors. We are entangled in the promotion of ‘100% Pure NZ’ and with that comes a responsibility. We know how important (to NZ citizens and to the tourism industry) it is for NZ to maintain what we have – clean, green countryside. But now our clean green image is under scrutiny, and to continue to live up to this image, we must collectively work together to keep it. OneCup speaks to our love for Taupō and New Zealand, and it speaks to the responsibility that we as individuals and a company need to make to our environment and sustainability.

Sometimes you just need someone to make a change for the better. So, we decided it would be us.