Raw Balance – a Partner Café with sustainability at their very core

March 28, 2019

  • Written by OneCup

For Monika and Robert from Raw Balance, the decision to come on board with OneCup was an easy one.

The wholefood plant-based kitchen aims to achieve sustainability with everything it does, including reducing rubbish, recycling and encouraging their customers to do the same. Which made the concept of OneCup an exciting addition to their hot drink offering – as having to use disposable, single-use cups was a major sticking point for their zero-waste ambitions.

“OneCup is a great initiative, because it is easy to charge people $2 for a cup, and return their money when they don’t want it anymore. So of course we signed up straight away.

“We are more than happy to ask people to choose OneCup – a cup that can be reused many times over – instead of one that will end up in landfill.”

As a vegan shop, consideration of how their actions impact on the environment is at the very heart of their operations, and waste is something they are very conscious of. Monika and Robert do their best to recycle everything where possible including sending all food scraps to pigs and having conversations with suppliers around careless packaging practices. It’s all part of their desire to create a better tomorrow, which just so happens to be the reason for the OneCup concept in the first place.

Biodegradable eco cups not an option

While they like to invite customers to stay and enjoy their coffee or hot drink in a mug (recycled from a local OP shop) Raw Balance also has eco disposable cups for those needing their drink on the go. But Monika and Robert know there are difficulties when it comes to the actual disposal of them, so have never been keen about having that option available.

“We don’t have the facilities here in Taupō to completely get rid of them, so they end up in landfill anyway. It is something we are aware of and are certainly not happy about. We even asked a friend to try and compost the eco cups, and that didn’t really work either.”

The couple hope to see OneCup take off throughout Taupō and to other regions, because they see this as a positive venture for the whole community – not just individual businesses.

“For us, the more cafés that come on board, the better. We only do around 20 coffees a day, but it was easy to come on board, knowing the difference it could make.”

We’re so glad to have Raw Balance on board as one of our OneCup Partner Cafés – you can find them at 45 Oruanui Street, Taupō.

And if you run a café yourself and want to offer your customers a sustainable alternative to single-use cups, contact us today to join the OneCup cycle network.