All there is to know about OneCup

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to cover the most asked questions around the OneCup deposit system, the Partner Café programme and our reusable cups. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.

Partner Café membership

How do I become a OneCup Partner Café?

If you want to become part of a large-scale cup cycling programme and offer OneCup at your café, contact our friendly team for a no obligation meeting or to register.

We are currently trialling OneCup free for all Partner Cafés. A monthly advertising levy will apply after the pilot.
The cups don’t cost you anything, instead they come at a deposit amount of $2 (including GST) per cup, which you’ll receive back every time a customer uses OneCup at your café.

To get started you will need a minimum of 100 OneCups in your café. Your first order also comes with a free supply of 100 lids. After that, you can order cups and lids whenever you’re running low, but remember that OneCups are just a transit cost for your business.

No. Although it would have an even better impact on our environment if cafés didn’t offer disposable takeaway coffee cups at all, we don’t ask Partner Cafés to completely switch from single-use cups to OneCups.

We offer our partners an independent and neutral deposit system. The coffee drinker receives our OneCups throughout the Partner Café network from all participating partners and can also return them there. A company-specific branding of the cups is therefore deliberately not provided.

As a member of our deposit system, you are entitled to return your OneCups at any time. We pick up, free of charge, a minimum of 100 OneCups and return them to the deposit system after professional cleaning. For every OneCup returned to us you will get your $2 deposit back.

No, you are not obliged to take back defective, damaged or heavily soiled OneCups. We ask you to remove defective, damaged or aesthetically no longer appealing OneCups from your stock and either arrange proper disposal yourself or return them to us for recycling. We reserve the right to exclude defective, damaged, heavily contaminated or aesthetically unappealing OneCups from the reimbursement.

After sign-up we will supply you with informational and promotional material that will make it easy for you to advertise your participation.

About the cups

Why are the cups made of plastic?

While it might seem counterproductive to fight waste with plastic, this particular type of plastic (polypropylene) is the most sustainable alternative for a reusable cup right now. In comparison to alternative materials, polypropylene requires the least amount of resources and energy in production and recycling. The cups are durable and can stand up to repeated washings (successfully tested 1,000 times). At the end of its lifetime it is 100% recyclable.

Similar to a disposable cup, the OneCup can sometimes feel slightly hot. We’ve found that it strongly depends on the drink and your individual perception of temperature. But because the OneCup is better at keeping the heat inside, your drink should stay hotter for longer and there is no need for a sleeve.

OneCups are suited for household and commercial/industrial dishwashers, as well as for manual cleaning. Please be aware that you, as a food business operator, are responsible for hygiene. You’ll find a recommendation for handling the cups in our downloads area.

The OneCup has been tested successfully up 1,000 times by a dishwasher manufacturer. They made the following recommendation to ensure a perfect cleaning result:

- Programme: Glassware
- Cycle time: 110 seconds
- Temperature: 65°C
- Use a dishwasher rack

Because our cups are lightweight, the pressure inside your dishwasher may cause the cups to move or turn up right. You can easily avoid this by reducing the pressure to 60% and alternatively place another rack on top of the cups to add weight.

With OneCup currently being piloted in Taupō, we only use a 0.3L size at this stage. The good news is that this size can also be used to serve smaller sized drinks, with a 0.2L scale mark on the inside of the cup. And the introduction of two other sizes is also in the pipeline.

We only have disposable lids available at the moment. But a reusable lid is something we’re already looking into.

No, OneCups are not for sale but are available for a $2 deposit to Partner Cafes.