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Our coffee cup deposit system is a loyalty programme exclusively available to NZ cafés in the OneCup network, also called the Partner Café network. We are currently piloting the cup cycle in the Great Lake Taupo District, so if you run a café in the region and are looking for a green and sustainable alternative to disposable cups, you’ll love OneCup.

How it Works

  • As a Partner Café you offer OneCups to your customers, for a $2 deposit on top of the coffee price.
  • You provide a minimum 5% discount on the coffee purchase (to reward the customer for choosing you and choosing OneCup).
  • Once finished, the customer can return the cup to any Partner Café and get a beverage in a fresh OneCup. Or they can return the cup and redeem their deposit.
  • The receiving café will clean the dishwasher-safe cup and offer it to the next customer to repeat the cycle.
  • If you hand out more cups than you receive, you can order more OneCups at any time.
  • OneCups piling up? Give us a call, we’ll pick them up for redistribution (minimum of 100) and refund you the deposit money.

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Why offer OneCup at your café?

Green business

Consumers today value green business. More OneCups means fewer disposable takeaway cups at landfill. Lead by example and join us in the fight against single-use waste and help keep NZ beautiful.


We’re taking the hassle out of cup cycling. For you, by making OneCup an easy-to-start and easy-to-run deposit system. And for your customers, by ensuring they get a reusable cup at your café, even when they forget their own one at home.

Attract new customers

New customers will find their way to your café – not only through all the free promotion for Partner Cafés, but also those who are interested in supporting a community-based environmental initiative.

Save money

Because OneCup runs on a deposit system, the cups won’t cost you anything (they are a transit cost only). Even better – the more OneCups you hand out the less you spend on disposable cups!

Sign-up includes

  • Participation in a large-scale cup cycling programme
  • Business listing on the Partner Cafés page, so consumers can find you
  • Marketing and promotion – every time we promote OneCup, your business will benefit from it
  • Supply of OneCup promotional material and an educational info pack for your staff
  • Free supply of your first 100 lids on sign-up
  • Free redistribution of cups if you end up with too many – just give us a call

Still got questions?

Find answers to the most asked questions about OneCup in our FAQ’s.

OneCup FAQ’s

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Bring OneCup to my town

OneCup is currently only available in the Taupō District but we are already exploring the possibility of bringing the cup cycle to more NZ towns and cities. If you are keen to see OneCup in your region, drop us a line.

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